Raclette machines & accessories

Electric machines

Electric raclette machines are perfect for indoor use. Depending on size, they are suited for your raclette party at home or for a professional application at your food venue.

Gas machines

Gas operated machines are perfect for outdoors, mobile operations or for a fast turn-around as they generally heat the cheese up quicker.

Looking to rent a machine?

We offer our Ambiance Raclette machine for hire. See details here.

Accessories & Spare Parts

Accessories and spare parts to make your raclette melting experience a perfect one. Ask us for other spare parts such as heating elements or switches which we do have in stock as well.

Raclette Cheese

And of course, no machine is perfect without the cheese. You will find our selection of Swiss raclette cheese is unique as we import it ourselves. Plus choose from delivery in block, wheel, half wheel, sliced or even wrapped in cheese paper.

What You Can Expect From the Red Cow and the Raclette Machine in Australia

The raclette brings the whole family together to enjoy the warm texture of artisan Swiss cheese. This cheese grill will bring life to your party.

  • Variety of Swiss cheese. At the Red Cow, we are privileged to provide some of the widest ranges of cheese imported from Switzerland to hug the palate. Because we work closely with Swiss cheesemakers, you can be rest assured knowing that the quality of cheese is the very best on the market for your raclette in Melbourne.
  • Raclette in Sydney is the new trend. Without a doubt, you have seen raclette and fondue make the journey over land and sea into Australia, creating a storm of fuss and with good reason. Once we at Red Cow realised that the average Australian has a real hunger for decent cheese, we knew that we need to make it our primary goal to supply the best cheese to our customers. Let the cheese make its way to you, and experience it like you have never done before with the help of a raclette from The Red Cow.
  • With our raclette grill in Australia, we are happy to provide you with a top of the range cheese selection that you can find in our shop. Prepare to be mesmerised by a selection of 36 kinds of cheese, five cheese boxes, and four fondue sets along with raclette machines and accessories, including Swiss pear reduction and wooden Swiss cow toys for the little ones to take home.

What You Should Know About a Raclette in Australia

One tends to think these beautiful cheesy experiences are limited to European countries. Let me assure you that this is no longer the case. Across Australia, the exquisite flavours of raclette are being savoured, bringing the swiss feeling directly into your home.

  • A Swiss raclette is exactly that. Swiss. A raclette is a device indigenous to Switzerland that dates as far back as the 12th century. Originally prepared over a fire and called “roasted cheese”, this is a more laborious process today, and we have incorporated technology into the process. An electric raclette cheese grill is the preferred choice today as it heats up faster. It has gained significant popularity in western countries over the last couple of decades, giving the gooey cheese of a raclette grill the comeback it deserves.
  • At the Red Cow, we offer various types of raclette machines and accessories. One for every occasion. The Ambiance, which is ideal for half a wheel of cheese. If you are a bigger party, this one should do the trick. The Party Raclette Grill for a quarter wheel of cheese is great for just two people, while the Super Raclette Machine can hold an entire wheel of cheese in two halves. This wheel makes sure no one misses a single serving of melting hot cheese. The more budget-friendly eight-person Classic Raclette Party Grill is excellent for small groups of people and is very easy to clean and pack away at the end of the night.
  • We offer two gas raclette machines as well. They are the Brio Plus which holds a whole wheel of cheese in two halves, and the Easy Gas Machine holds a half-wheel of cheese. These raclette machines are particularly practical for outdoor parties and events where electricity sockets aren’t easily reachable. There is no excuse to miss any chance at bringing out the raclette grill and owning the night, keeping everyone entertained.

Your party will surely be a hit among friends as any new experience out of the norm or away from the ordinary dinner party, will leave a pleasant, memorable memory that they will be sure to brag about to their friends and family.

About The Red Cow

Tom and Sarah Merkli founded the Red Cow in late 2011. The family’s cheese supplier, Maître Fromager and affineur Rolf Beele has over 30 years of experience choosing, ageing and purveying artisan Swiss cheese. Tom moved to Australia in 2010, where he realised that he could give Australians the ultimate Swiss cheese experience they deserve. That’s what he set out to do. Today you are welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about us or need any more detailed information about Australia’s artisan Swiss cheese importer.