Frequently Asked Questions

Alpine Express cheese boxes & cheese selection

Q: What are Alpine Express cheese boxes?

A: Alpine Express cheese boxes consist of a selection of cheese and accompaniments selected by our own Tom. All boards are designed to remove the complexity of finding and choosing cheese that match on a beautiful cheese board.

Q: What is Alpine Express Cheese Selection?

A: Alpine Express cheese selection is a selection of Swiss artisan cheese that you can order by the piece. So other than the cheese boxes, you can mix and match different cheeses and choose your size and accompaniments. It’s like being at a cheese deli counter.

Q: How are these cheese boxes and cheese selection sent to me?

Unboxing of an Alpine Express delivery

A: All cheese boxes are sent individually, meaning they are wrapped in environmentally friendlier, insulated cardboard boxes along and ice packs to keep the content chilled during the transport. Unless agreed/communicated otherwise the shipping takes place with Australia Post Express delivery. Please check that your delivery postcode is part of this network. All boxes are adequately packed and insulated to meet the expected delivery timeframes for most national areas except rural postcodes through our shipping providers (please contact us for rural areas prior to ordering, we can pack more ice and insulation at an additional cost). In case of a delayed delivery due to Australia Post’s fault or external (‘acts of god’ cases), we cannot be taken responsible for the quality of the cheese. However, in such a case, please contact us and I’m sure we will find a solution together.

Q: When is the cheese sent out?

A: All orders for cheese and other food products are collated and sent out on Mondays unless notified otherwise (e.g. during public holidays, etc.). The order cut off time is at midnight (Sydney time) on the day before the dispatch, so generally this is the Sunday before. Our website will also always show the next available dispatch on the top right corner and every order will have the dispatch date included as well. All orders will receive a tracking code which is shared with you (it can also be looked up in your ‘my account section‘ of our website providing you are a registered customer). Non-food items will be dispatched within 2 to 3 business days.

Q: What is the shelf life of the cheese?

A: All cheese supplied come with best before or use by dates and are generally vacuum packed for ease of transport and handling. They will have up to 2 months of shelf life. If you choose to have your cheese packed in cheese paper, the cheese will be dated with 21 days shelf life. Certain soft, fresh or blue cheese will have shorter dates but this will be stated on the product description. Generally, dates on cheese are for guidance purposes only. Many cheeses can be enjoyed well after the printed date. If you are unsure, simply ask us.

Q: Can I get more information about the cheese I have received?

A: Of course! A lot of our cheese come with additional information such as recipe ideas etc. plus every cheese will have a QR code on its label linking it back to our detailed product description online. Ff that’s not enough, just drop us a line with your question and we’ll be happy to help.

Q: Can you guarantee supply?

A: Unfortunately not. Every now and then we will have to make substitutes for some of the cheese mentioned in the boxes description. We do, however, make sure you get an equal or better substitute. We will also inform you ahead of the shipment, so that you can let us know if you changed your mind. If you order from the ‘Cheese Selection’ section you will generally see whether the product is in stock or not. If it isn’t you can leave your email and get reminded once it is back.

Q: Can I change some of the cheese in the curated cheese box?

A: Unfortunately not, but please do let us know what combinations you would like to see and we’ll take those into account when we design future cheese boxes. If you like individual and/or mixed boxes of selected cheese, then our ‘cheese selection‘ area is the right spot for you.

Q: How do I create an account?

A: New accounts are created as part of our check-out process. Simply leave the box ‘Create an account’ ticked as it is per default, provide the rest of your details and a free account will be created for you. With that you are also setup to accumulate our Alpine Rewards.

Q: I’ve received my cheese but some pieces are slightly underweight. Is that right?

A: Our terms & conditions specify that we can send you underweight cheese by up to 10% of the ordered weight. However, it is never our aim to send you less than what you have ordered. If you have ordered multiple pieces, it’s most likely the other pieces weigh more than the ordered weight, giving you overall as much (or more) than you’ve ordered. However, should you find that’s not the case, please contact us and we will – of course – refund you for the weight difference.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the cheese I received?

A: We strive to ship you cheese of superior quality. Every time. Should you, however, not be happy with what you received, please contact us and we’re sure we can sort it out.

Q: Why does my cheese have a red shine to it?

A: Swiss cheese sometimes has a red shine because of the presence of a bacteria called Propionibacterium freudenreichii, which is responsible for creating the characteristic holes or “eyes” in the cheese. During the aging process, this bacteria ferments the lactic acid in the cheese, producing carbon dioxide and acetic acid. The acetic acid reacts with the calcium in the cheese, forming calcium propionate, which gives the cheese its red shine.

The red shine is an indicator of the cheese’s maturity and flavour. The amount of shine can vary depending on the type of Swiss cheese and the aging conditions, but it generally indicates that the cheese is developing a nutty, tangy flavour and is ready to be eaten.

Q: What if I have a larger event or function and would like to purchase large quantities?

A: We would be happy to help you out – please contact us for a consultation or see our corporate solutions page.

Q: I live in Brisbane and would like to collect the cheese. Is that possible?

A: This can be arranged but only for pick-ups on Mondays between 1 and 3pm with prior bookings (order deadlines the Sunday before will still apply). Exact pick-up address will be supplied and is in Tennyson QLD 4105.

Q: What are your shipping costs?

A: Shipping costs and options are displayed during the check-out process. Cheese shipments receive a flat rate based on the order value and your location (the more you order, the less postage you pay):

All postcodes EXCEPT Brisbane Metro or Australia Remote
For cart totals up to $100 -> Shipping costs $25 (incl. GST)
For cart totals between $100 and $250 -> Shipping costs $22 (incl. GST)
For cart totals >$250 -> Shipping costs $15 (incl. GST)

Australia Remote (see list of postcodes here, or use our online postcode checker)
For cart totals up to $100 -> Shipping costs $32 (incl. GST)
For cart totals between $100 and $250 -> Shipping costs $29 (incl. GST)
For cart totals >$250 -> Shipping costs $25 (incl. GST)

Customers in the Brisbane Metro area can make use of our ‘Brisbane Metro Reduced Rate’ of currently $12 (incl. GST).

These prices are in effect from 8 February 2024 (updated remote shipping costs for >$250)

Q: What postcodes are included in your ‘Brisbane Metro Reduced Rate’ postage?

A: (see list of postcodes below)


(Updated 3 August 2021)

Alpine Rewards Program

Q: What is the Alpine Rewards Program?

A: The Alpine Rewards Program is our loyalty program rewarding our fabulous customers with special price discounts, coupons and more. You can find out more details on the dedicated Alpine Rewards Program page.

Q: How can I accumulate your Alpine Rewards?

A: All registered and logged in users will accumulate rewards within our loyalty program. Points are credited to your account upon completion of an order. You can always check your points status within your ‘My Account’ section.

Subscription Packs

Q: What are Subscription Packs?

A: Subscription Packs are cheese boxes you subscribe to and are sent in regular intervals.

Q: Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, all subscriptions can be paused or cancelled inside your ‘My Account‘ section.

Q: Can I change my subscription to a different variation/size?

A: Providing the subscription product has different variations (e.g. sizes), you can change the variation within the ‘My Account‘ section, then click on your active subscription and choose ‘Switch Subscription’.

Q: Can I change my address or payment method for my subscription order?

A: Yes, go the ‘My Account‘ section and click on your active subscription. There you can change your address or payment method.

Q: How are postage rates for subscriptions calculated?

A: Delivery fees/postage rates are calculated the same way as our normal cheese orders. See this article for further details.

Q: I would like to remove specific types of products from my subscription box. Is that possible?

A: The subscription boxes are designed to come as curated by us, therefore changes or preferences for certain cheeses are not possible at the moment.

Q: I would like to add specific products from your website on top of my regular subscription. Is that possible?

A: No, at the moment that’s not possible as we cannot guarantee that your added product will always be in stock for the duration of your subscription. However, if you have specific requirements, simply talk to us!

Q: For individual product subscriptions, what happens if that product goes out of stock during my subscription period?

A: We will attempt to ring-fence product for people on active subscriptions. However, in the event a product becomes unavailable we will contact you and offer you either a substitute or to pause the subscription until the product is back in stock.