Cinderella (Aschenputtel) raw milk with active carbon

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Unique Swiss raw milk cheese refined with black cyprus sea salt containing active carbon

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This cheese is made by Jakob Beer, an award-winning cheese maker of Emmentaler, in the dairy of Oberwil by Büren. “Cinderella” stuns you alone by its looks (quite adequate to the story): The handy, blackish cylinder attracts the eye in every cheese display.

First the funky inside, with a paste of black-blueish spots that make you ask “is this a blue?” when indeed those are special salt crystals – a sea salt from Cyprus that has been blackened with active carbon. Then the moment you put the cheese into your mouth. How can such a brittle piece be so smooth, melting on your palate, releasing those milky flavours and finishing with a salty kick?

The cheese comes in a small wheel of approx. 1.9kg. If you choose 1.9kg from the size selection you will be sent a full wheel. The cheese can also be put on the Girolle cheese shaper. For that please order a full or half wheel (950g). Half wheels of 950g whill be cut horizontally for that purpose.


How we wrap your cheese

Freshness of your cheese is important to us. That's why - unless noted differently in the description - we package all of our cheese in vacuum bags to help minimize travel impacts. However, we understand that some of you prefer cheese being wrapped in cheese wrap. This option is available to you for a small fee (it takes more time to package the cheese this way, that's why we charge you a little bit more). Unless specifically noted in the description, all cheese will generally have a best before date of at least 14 days, vacuum packed cheese generally about 2 months. Please note that with cheese this is often only a guidance date and does not necessarily mean the cheese will be of lesser quality beyond that date. In fact many soft(er) cheeses are best kept close to or until after that date for maximum ripeness.

How the cheese gets to you

All Alpine Express cheese are shipped in environmentally friendlier, insulated cardboard boxes. The cheese is bolstered with recycled packing paper & kept cold with food grade ice gel pack(s). It is shipped the fastest possible service, usually Australia Post Express. See Australia Post's Express Delivery Estimator (origin is 'Brisbane Metro'). From time to time we may choose a different shipping provider depending on speed of service, costs and other factors.

Unless noted otherwise, all cheese boxes are sent on Mondays with an order cut-off time at 9am (Sydney time) that day. You will get a tracking number to follow your parcel's progress.

Do you have any other questions? Check our FAQs for additional information or write to us via our contact form.


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