Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: Every month we select one high quality, artisan cheeses from our portfolio for you. This cheese then gets packed into a insulated cardboard box together with the cheese notes, additional information and a gel pack. The whole box is then sent via Australia Post Express to your desired delivery address.


Q: Will I know in advance what cheese I'm getting?

A: No, you won't. It will be a surprise which we think is part of the fun of this subscription. We choose, you sit back and enjoy. Deal?


Q: Why are you only sending one cheese?

A: First of all we believe in quality over quantity. So in order to be able to send you high quality, artisan cheese and keep the costs down, we decided to go with the one cheese option. Secondly, we don't intend to replace all your cheese. Quite the contrary, continue to buy cheese from your preferred cheese monger, deli or (if you must) supermarket, but let us provide you with one cheese you may not yet know and broaden your horizon.


Q: What types of cheese will I be getting?

A: All of our cheese is of exceptional quality, most of it is unpasteurised cheese even. Being from the Alps in Europe, hard and semi hard cheeses are at the forefront, however we do have blue cheese and certain soft cheeses in our portfolio as well. Obviously we 'only' one cheese sent per box, if you like variety on your cheese board, you can match our cheese with other types. We will provide you with pairing suggestions for each shipment.


Q: When will I get my shipment?

A: We will collect your payment on the 16th, then ship the box on the following Tuesday unless the 16th is a Sunday or Monday. The next few shipment dates in 2016 therefore are: 23 February, 22 March, 19 April, 24 May, 21 June.


Q: When will I be charged?

A: We will charge your account on the 16th of the month.


Q: How will I receive my shipment?

A: Your cheese box will arrive via Australia Post Express. It will be packed in an insulated cardboard box together with a gel-based ice pack to keep the cheese cool for the duration of the trip. Please be aware that we can only ship to addresses within the Australia Post Express “Guaranteed Next Day Delivery” network. The shipment will come from Brisbane 4000, please check the Australia Post website for further details.


Q: I am abroad for one month. Can I suspend my subscription?

A: Currently there is no automated option for you to pause your subscription. However, if you let us know through our contact form we will manually put your subscription on hold for your specified amount of time.


Q: I live in Brisbane, can I pick-up my box from you?

A: For operational reasons we can't allow pick-ups at the moment.


Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade the size of my subscription?

A: Yes, you can. Let us know via our contact form prior to the 16th of the month and we'll happily change the subscription for you.


Q: Can I give the subscription as a gift to someone?

A: Yes, you can. Please provide us with the recipients delivery address in the subscription form and fill in the 'additional instructions' section to let us know it is a gift.


Q: I've got another question that isn't answered here. What do I do?

A: Simply contact us with your question and we'll be happy to answer it.